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    Acrobat Signature Customization

    krs242 Level 1

      Good Morning,

      We are using Acrobat 7 Standard and have just gotten in to using digital signatures with it.

      Everything is working fine. But we have noticed that once everyone adds their signature to the PDF document that its looking rather messy (signatures all over the place).

      Is there a way to:

      1. Only allow users to sign the PDF document in a specific place and not wherever they choose?

      2. Limit how big the signature box can be, so that the user signing doesnt make this huge box taking up soo much space on the document?

      Any help would be much appreciated.




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          Joel_Geraci Adobe Community Professional

          First, you really need to upgrade as soon as possible. Versions 7 and 8 are no longer supported and security pastches will not be created for those versions. If you are using digital signatures, you should be using the most secure version of the product, version X (10).


          That said, you can create signature fields that define a rectangular area when a signature can be placed. You'll need to create as many as you think you'll ever need. It keeps things nice and clean and orderly.

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            krs242 Level 1

            Thanks Joel,


            Actually we were thinking of upgrading to the latest and i did have a check with version X lastnight but noticed the signatures options were exactly the same as 7.


            Regarding the signature fields. What you are saying is that we would have to create a form with these special fields on it and then from there things should be fine correct?


            But what if we cannot use these types of forms? Basically we are using just a document that someone scanned in and converted to PDF and signing from there.


            Please advise if it would be possible with our current scanned in forms.


            Much thanks.

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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              If you want Reader users to be able to apply digital signatures to your documents, you will need to use at least Acrobat 8 Pro. Acrobat 9 and 10 Pro will work as well.


              Begin by adding as many digital signature fields as needed i the locations you want. Limit their size to your liking and the user won't be able to increase them. Then set up security restrictions (File > Properties > Security > Password Security) so that the changes allowed is set to "Filling in form fields and signing existing signature fields".


              If it needs to work with Reader, you'll then need to Reader-enable the document using Acrobat Pro (8 or better) as the final step.

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                Joel_Geraci Adobe Community Professional

                There have been some improvements to the underlaying architecture for signatures that you may find useful since version 7, specifically around server synchronization of security settings. You won't see them in any of the marketing documents though. You need to look deeper; take a look at the Document Security Library for details.




                Yes - You can add signature fields to any PDF file even if it doesn't "look" like a form, the signature page at the end of a contract for example.



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                  krs242 Level 1

                  Thank you both for your help.



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                    EnterpriseHelp Adobe Employee

                    There are many other options as well. You can certify the document with a certified signature (the first sig can be a cert sig), and thereby limit what other users can do (e.g. only sign existing form fields but not create new ones). Also, you can use seed values to control who can sign each specific field and why.


                    Get the docs: