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    gotoAndStop error 1120:Access of undefined property on MC's loaded from .swc

    DrunkCyclist Level 1

      I am trying to tell a MovieClip added from a .swc library to do simple things like "gotoAndStop()" and all I get is a red X error message 1120: Access of undefined property whenever I do.


      I can add the MovieClip to the application and position it without any problem. I cannot make it do anything. In my Flash IDE library the CustomCheckBox()'s base class is



      import flash.display.MovieClip;

      import mx.flash.UIMovieClip;


           //  **** TRIED EACH IMPORT STATEMENT AND BOTH**** (NEITHER of which work at all).


      private var _checkPlaylist:MovieClip = new CustomCheckBox();

      private var _checkClassroom:MovieClip = new CustomCheckBox();





      I can declare my CustomCheckBox as a MovieClip and in my Symbol Properties panel it's base class is — mx.flash.UIMovieClip — and it shows up just fine. I just can't make the thing stop or do anything else a MovieClip is supposed to be able to do.


      One of the other developers here who is way more advanced than I am also cannot get a ******* movie clip to stop either.


      I am new to Flash Builder — yet have been using Flash and AS3 for years and I have never had a more difficult time getting up to speed with a new technology than Flex / Flash Builder has become for me. I feel stupid that I keep spending days on end just trying to figure out basic things like this.