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    Can glyphs be incorporated into regular text in INDD CS4?


      I'm working on a graphic novel project. I have a custom-made font which includes variant characters for each lower-case and upper-case alphabet letter.


      To try and make the font look less fontlike, I've been substituting glyphs in words that have many repeated letters (such as the phrase, "repeated letters").


      It's tedious as can be to individually insert the variant glyphs... a maddening task.


      Is there any way I can program the type tool to rotate through the variants... for example, in the word "repeated," could I program it to use e 1, e 2 and e 1 in the three "e"s of the word?


      This is probably just a pipe dream, but I felt it was worth asking. I've got 192 pages to glyph, and it looms as a dismal task doing it one-by-one.