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    How to apply 10.1.2 msp to Adobe Reader msi


      I'd like to deploy an updated version of Adobe Reader through our network, but I'm having some problems.


      I downloaded AdbeRdr1012_en_US.exe and used the following command to get the msi.


      C:\AdbeRdr1012_en_US.exe -nos_o"C:\10.1.2" -nos_ne


      I get the necessary files so I then run the following command.


      msiexec /a AcroRead.msi /p AdbeRdrUpd1012


      It prompts me for the path to install, so I just specify a folder within 10.1.2 called New.  Now it finishes and creates the folder, but with the New folder I have four folders, Common, CommonAppData, program files, and Windows.  I guess my question is, what changed?  I did this before to upgrade version 10.0.0 to 10.1.0, so why doesn't it work now, or am I doing something wrong?