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    Camera RAW version 3.7

    Fluffy Hutchinson

      I have recently got a brand new Canon 7D camera and am running CS2; I have downloaded the updated version of Camera RAW 3.7 and DNG converter version 4.3.1. However I am unable to open any of the CR2 RAW files taken with my new camera. I followed all the instructions but cannot open them. I can open the RAW files from my previous camera ok but not this one. Thank you would appreciate your feedback.

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          Ron Parker

          Download the latest DNG Converter (6.6), and make sure your preferences are set for compatiblity with Camera Raw 2.4 and later.

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            Yammer Level 4

            It's all in the FAQ, and is the number 1 asked question in this forum.

            Basically, your camera's raw file format is newer than your software, so it won't work.


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              Fluffy Hutchinson Level 1

              Thanks, does this mean that my version of CS2 will not support my camera no matter what I download? Do I have to upgrade to another version of photoshop like CS3 or something?

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                Ron Parker Level 1

                Adobe DNG Converter 6.6 will read and convert your 7D's raw files to DNG files. According to the DNG Converter's preferences pane, setting the compatibility to 2.4 and later will allow CS2 to read the DNG files it creates.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The version of Photoshop that you are using is three versions old, and soon to be four versions old (don't know for sure, but probably within the next six months or so). Support for Camera Raw for any version of Photoshop stops as soon as that version is not current. There will be no more updates for Photoshop CS2. Some people interpret this as being "forced" to upgrade in order to get support for their camera. That isn't really the case, although you won't have access to all of the new features that are periodically added to camera raw. Adobe continually upgrades the DNG converter which is a free standalone program that will convert your raw images to the DNG (Digital negative) format. Those DNG files can be used with any version of Camera Raw back to version 2.4. This means that all of the features that you have in ACR 3.7 will be available to you. But you won't have the new process, and the lens corrections, and other features that have been added later. The new version of ACR will never be compatible with your version of Photoshop. Unfortunately, that's just the way it is. You could purchase Lightroom and use it to process your raw images and then use Photoshop for the times that you find it necessary. Many people find Lightroom does most of the work. I complete well over 90% of my postprocessing using Lightroom. Photoshop is just there for the few times that I need a little something extra.

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                    Yammer Level 4

                    Like I said, it's all in the FAQ.