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    Downloading ebook from library - do I open or save it?


      I've noticed a few different responses so would like some clarification.

      When I am in my library catalog and I find the eBook I want, I check it out and click "download"

      Supposedly, I should get a window asking me if I want to Open the file with ADE or Save.

      According to Adobe.com - choosing Open will bring up the title in "Reading View"  and to transfer the title to a device, I need to be in Library View.  I can click to see Library View, but the title won't appear there, so then I have to click on Library drop down menu- Add item to library - browse and find the file. 


      I've heard some say Never Save the file - always choose Open.

      Others say that choosing to Save the file will open it in Library View and save me time.  (quote from a very helpful person on these forums "For ebooks you check out of the library, you should use the SAVE feature always, because ADE will tell you how much longer the ebook is valid on your computer in the Library screen.  That's very helpful, if you're not reading it from cover to cover in one or two sittings.")


      So which is best?  I will be teaching a class on downloading eBooks to the Nook very soon (tomorrow morning in fact), and I want to give the patrons the correct info.  Perhaps both ways are valid. 


      Thank you -


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          I'm a bit puzzled why you're not sure what to do.  You already have your



          The design of ADE is such that, when you download an ebook via OPEN, ADE

          knows that you're going to read it on your computer.  The ebook will be

          downloaded and opened and appear in the Reading view.  It will not appear

          in the library, because you chose to read it, not save it for later.


          If you choose SAVE, the ebook will be downloaded, but not opened, and

          appear on your bookshelf in Library view.  This is the preferred method to

          deal with a library ebook, because you have the ability to read it on your

          computer or transfer it to an ereader and read it there.


          Whichever method you use, ADE keeps track of the ebook's library loan

          period, and will expire it when that period is up.