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    PDF outputs continually crash after editing an html source file

    JustinKelley68 Level 1

      I have English and multiple localized versions of a RoboHelp webhelp project. I have created several PDF outputs for the localized versions. I can generate the PDFs fine when I don't touch any of the html source files.


      However, I had to make a change to one of the html source files to remove a <dl> from the source file. After making the change to the source file in an outside text editor (Notepad ++), I went back to RoboHelp to generate the PDF, and the PDF output crashed.


      The reason I was using an outside text editor is that when I tried to edit the <dl> HTML tags in RH, its HTML editor deleted all text within the tags being edited.  There was no undo at this point.  In anotehr attempt to use the RH Design editor, RH didn’t delete the <dd> or <dt> tags when those tag styles were changed to <h4> and <p>, respectively. RH inserted the new html wrapper inside the existing ones, instead of replacing it.


      Also, during the PDF generation process, a Visual Basic error message will appear dozens of times stating that the application was interrupted.  I must press OK to continue for each error message.


      What gives with the PDF generation failing like this?