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    Why does my gameplay video/sound get distorted and slowed down in the preview when imported?


      I'm new to this program, but it seems powerful. However, I've already gotten stuck before starting to edit my video.

      Here's all the information:


      I recorded a gameplay video of Dead Space using Bandicam, a software similar to Fraps, and used 48KHz, 192 kbit/s, 2ch stereo settings for it.

      The video itself is in .avi-format 1280 x 720, 59,94fps (although the framerate varied when I recorded the thing, between 40-70. Not really sure how that works, but Windows tells me its 59fps.)




      The Sequence preset is:

      DVCPROHD - 720p - DVCPROHD 720p60

      which uses 48k like my video does.

      I've also tried not using a sequence, and just imported the clip, but it yielded the same results.




      When I play it back in VLC/Windows Media Player/MPC it works fine, the audio and video flows like it did when I recorded it.

      Perfect. But when I import it into Premiere Pro CS5, it gets reworked into 11025hz somehow.. and when I preview it, of course it sounds like crap.

      It also plays very bad. Some sections have good framerate, others seem to run at 10 fps.

      So the original file is obviously fine, however there's something wrong with importing it into Premiere Pro.


      I've tried all types of different Project Settings and Sequence Settings, all of which seem to get me the same result.

      I tried checking the FAQ and the help document, but none of them seemed to cover the 11025hz issue.. I also tried searching the forums, to no luck.

      I'm at a loss as of what to do, I'd greatly appreciate any help. I'm sure it's something simple I've missed that mucks the import up somehow.

      Thanks for your attention!




      Oh and by the way, my rig should be able to handle this.

      Intel Core i7-2600K @ 3.4 GHz

      8GB DDR3

      GeForce GTX 260

      2TB 7200rpm drive