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    How to set pixels for smoothest -outline, in a design? I am using PhspCS5 TRIAL Grateful for help!


      First, I am not an advanced digital artist rather know (just)basic tools and am quite good with those over the years however, have a new Mac and better

      visibility for sure and have a TRIAL version of PSHP CS5 Extended; what I am asking is: how to set the pixels...to acheive the smoothest outline eg. I

      designs for greeting cards and now working on a Xmas tree, with gold stars, they look best outlined (vy-light=blk) but when I ZOOM IN I see the 'wavy lines

      of the pixels, that are set on 'square'.  I wish to know how to set the pixels* #1 and then as far as colours, when I pick a yellow (there are many!yellows !!)

      and use my Intuos pen, 'tap tap tap' on the designs (yellow of the star) it does NOT register ....(it did on my other computer and older CS4).  So going

      back, to my colour swatches, to ...remember just which yellow I picked...ha ha....can be: "not so fast!"  


      I will be buying this on Subscription at the end of the trial and my bet is that the colour picker/will work on the purchased version when I 'tap tap' to pick up the

      same colour II had chosen.  Wouldn't it be good to have a monitor of sorts that tells you, what colour(s)one has been using, when you NEED to know, to go

      on with the 'design' say after a break for tea etc.  ?????  (    :


      I save my designs when done JPEGs, and see now there is a JPEG 2000...I have no idea what that is all about.  I save (1)pdf and one jpeg.  Hope this sounds

      like what  one 'does' ...when one knows far more than I do.

      And lastly,  what program or tool, can one use to put a 'frame' (border) around a eg: 5 x 7 design (again, my goal is for my designs for Greeting Cards.  Is there

      another Adobe products I should have for that.  Free hand hasn't worked out so well, so far.


      I am in advance, so grateful to you - whomever you may be, for your help.  I am on my last 'hoorah' path now hoping for success soon....I am a senior of 71 yrs

      and so feel I need to really 'get going' and learn these basics to assure my chances of success, at least. Merci, Danke & Thank You ! CDW