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    Including external swf file with preloader in main swf file

      I'm creating a flash 3d website for a company. The idea is that there is one overall swf file - this holds the navigation and design. Once the user clicks on a button, it goes to frame 10, I have included the following script to load a swf file

      loadMovie("deepbartesting.swf", maincontent);
      delete this.onEnterFrame;

      my problem is that this file is around 3mb. I created a preloader with it, with the code

      onClipEvent (load) {
      total = _root.getBytesTotal();
      } onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
      loaded = _root.getBytesLoaded();
      percent = int(loaded/total*100);
      percen101 = ""+percent+"%";
      if (loaded == total) {

      the preloader works, but instead of going to frame 2 of that swf file, it goes to frame 2 of the overall swf that holds the navigation. Does anyone know how to get around this so that it goes to frame 2 in the same swf file as the preloader?

      Thanks for your help