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    Access 2010 No Longer Imports PDF Page Sizes Larger than 11x17


      Access 2010 appears unable to import PDF files of page size larger than 11x17 using OLE Automation. While the initial impression given by the software is that the PDF file has been inserted, upon attempting to move off the current record Access 2010 generates the following error message:

      "There isn't enough memory to complete the Automation object operation on the Acrobat Document object."

      Under Access 2000, attempting the same operation using the same Access .MBD file and the same .PDF file does not generate this error message and succeeds in updating the database.


      We have been using Access 2000 successfully for over a decade for this operation and recently upgraded to Access 2010 which fails.


      We have tried every imaginable combination of PDF and Access versions, including the .accdb format with Reader X and the failure still results.


      Steps to recreate the error

      I have three files which I could attach to this system if it supported that option:

      * An .MDB file in Access 2000 format named 'OLE PDF Failure.MDB'
      - This database has one table with two fields, one of which is an OLE Object field
      * A PDF file at 11x17 page size named 'PDF as 11x17.PDF'
      * The same PDF image with page size 36x24 named 'PDF ax 36x24.PDF'

      In Access 2010:


      1. Open the database file 'OLE PDF Failure.MDB' and the only form in the database will open in input mode.
      2. Click on the New Record button (the *  at the bottom of the form) to create a new record.
      3. In the ObjectField right click and select 'Insert Object...'
      4. Choose 'Create from File' and select the 'PDF ax 36x24.PDF' file and complete the insertion operation.
      5. The image of the PDF will now appear in the form.
      6. Now try to save the record by moving off it or by pressing Shift-Enter.
      7. The error message now appears.


      Perform the same steps in Access 2000 and the error will NOT appear.
      Perform the same steps in Access 2010 with 'PDF as 11x17.PDF' and the error will NOT appear.


      What recommendations do you have for next steps toward problem resolution?