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    A Good Simple Utility to Disable Maximize for Projector Widows


      I am aware of Zinc (which was disappointing) and SWF Studio (demo did work for some reason, I contacted them with nor eply just yet) but there were problems with these and they simply offer more than I need. Is there a simple utility that will allow me to eliminate the users ability to maximize the player window? Something that wont force me to bundle my 50 FLV videos into the EXE making an EXE thats like 300 MB...something that will not change anything about how the projector works but allow some projector top bar modifications?



      I tend to remember a few years ago there was a very simple 1-2 screen utility that allowed you to simply check a few boxes, export and it acted in every way like a regular projector (exe) but simply disable a few options (like maximize).


      Anyone know of such a utility?