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    word doc into premiere title

    marcorabellini Level 1

      I've been searching for some way to get formatted text from a Word doc into the Premiere titler and retain the font and formatting. Does anyone know if that's possible? I've done a workaround by saving the doc as a pdf, importing into PS, then saving and importing into Premiere, but of course that negates any editing capability in Premiere. There must me a way.


      I do medical video and there is always a very long, dense title scroll at the end called a PI (patient information). It's the text that's on the piece of thin paper that comes with a bottle of pills.


      My clients provide me with word docs that have all the proper underlining and bolding and italics. Because it is so extensive, it's very time consuming if I recreate it in premiere and then needs more edit-checking rounds by the client. Hence, it would be so much better to be able to import the formatted Word doc directly into premiere.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I use Word, and WordPerfect for Titles, but am more often creating those in Photoshop, for Import into PrPro.


          I use the Copy/Paste method, but as the formatting is code, specific to the wordprocessing program, do not bother even doing that, in Word/WordPerfect, and do it in PS. The same hold for PrPro.


          I know of no way to get the formatting code to be read in either Photoshop, or PrPro.


          Good luck, and maybe others have a neat trick - then we can both learn something.



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            marcorabellini Level 1

            I thought I used to be able to copy out of Word and paste into AE and retain the formatting but that doesn't work anymore, if it did. I'm a little foggy on if that was Word to AE or AI to AE.


            One problem with the Premiere titler I can't seem to figure out is if I have a very long block of text, there seems to be no way to scroll down in the titler window. Am I missing something?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Now, AI to AE, or PrPro will be different.


              Personally, I liked the Rasterization with PS, from AI, better than PrPro, but have not tried it out in PrPro CS5.5, so that might have improved.


              Good luck,