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    Importing MPEG-2 videos on OS X Lion


      I've used to import DVD videos (MPEG-2 video with AC3 audio, generally) on Snow Leopard with no problem, but have no luck on Lion ("unsupported compression format"). Lion comes with MPEG-2 support for the Quicktime X player, yet it seems that Premiere relies on the Quicktime 7 codecs, which don't support MPEG-2 on Lion. Any way to solve this?

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          I.R Level 1

          Go to http://www.squared5.com/svideo/mpeg-streamclip-mac.html and download Mpeg Streamclip (every editor should have Mpeg Streamclip anyway )

          Inside the package you will find Utility MPEG2 Component Lion that will help you install MPEG-2 Playback Component for QT7 (Lion).... although I'm not 100% sure that will solve the issue.

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            Peroyomas Level 1

            I did what they say but the videos still don't import correctly on Premiere. Only the "video" track appears and is a completely black still at 1fps. Only the video "length" is correct. If I import the audio demuxed, says that it don't recognize the format. The video plays fine on MPEG Streamclip, yet the last time I exported a MPEG-2 video from there in another compressed format to use in Premiere, the Premiere output video ended with the colors all wrong. Quicktime 7 plays the videos, but sans audio. It frustrates me a lot especially since I could import the very same videos directly in Premiere without problem before.

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              Peroyomas Level 1

              I still don't know how to solve this. Premiere Pro on my iMac with OS X Lion don't import .vob files, however if I change the extension to .mpg/.mpeg they import, but sans audio and a black still as the image.