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    How to set up a server for PPro editing (and AE finishing)?

    Julien Deka

      Hello everyone,


      I may be a bit offtopic with this question, but at the same time it's really related to PPro.


      I never worked in any post-house facility, and I come from a very indy background, so I never had a chance to see any edit suite hook up to a server.


      I am wondering how great it is, how it could help our projects? And also what are the basics to know, the stuff to avoid when you're a newbie like me (in term of server network settings)?


      Right now, we're running 3 Mac Pros to edit our projects. They are all connected through Gigabit ethernet.


      Our workflow involves that all Mac have the entire footage in there own drives. We're using the network only when importing new content to copy it on the 2 other Machines.


      We found out that if we use Mac #1 to open a PPro project contained within Mac #2 drives (as well as the footage), it's okay but the performances are not as great as opening a project in its own drives.


      So we try to copy (move) the projects in the right Mac before to work on it. Of course, everytime, we have to relink everything if we don't want Mac #1 to read the footage from Mac #2…


      When it come to big projects, with lots of Red footage, it is a pain, and we usually end up using only one master machine for the edit, and it's only when it comes to finish in AE that we really start to split the project onto the 3 platforms.


      So this is where the idea of a server comes in mind. Mac #1 would work on a project A, then when moving to work on project B, Mac #2 could open project A and keep working on it - no relink: the project AND the footage are all on the server.


      That is my basic idea. Sound simple, but really I have no idea if it really works. Is it something I can really do on a server?


      How the server really helps to keep the performance? If I see PPro's performance lowering down when accessing projects and footage from our actual simple network, is it going to be better accessing the same datas from a dedicated server.


      I'm looking at the Mac Mini server with Lion Server. What Lion Server does that Lion OS doesn't do already?


      I know, it sounds like completely newbie questions, but I honestly have no idea.


      Can a Mac Mini with Lion Server serve the 3 Macs running Snow leopard? Or do we need to update them?


      My idea is to use Pegasus thunderbolts for storage drives, plugged in the Mac Mini, then plug all the 3 Mac into the Mac Mini, with what I believe should be Gigabit Ethernet…


      Am I right? A least a bit? What did I miss?


      Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge guys