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    Better way of working with H.264 on a PC? Workflow?

    Dozerbeatz Level 1

      On a Windows 7 PC.

      Any links to videos or tips on working with H.264 .mov or .mts AVCHD files in Premiere Pro CS5.5.

      What workflow do you use? What software do you use to convert your files to a more manageable format?

      And what format are you converting to?

      Magic Bullet Grinder is Mac only, and Avid DNxHD seems to, from what I am reading,

      takes a long time, and makes very huge file sizes.

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          If you don't like native H264 editing (perfectly understandable), you have two options:

          A) Offline-Online workflow, like in the old days. Use Adobe Media Encoder to create proxy files, keep "default scale to frame size" checked in PP preferences, edit in sequence that has the same settings as your final output format and when you are done simply replace proxy clips with "online" resolution files

          B) Use Intermediate codecs like ProRes, DNxHD or Cineform (transcode with AME and edit that way). If files are too big for you, do some tests with AVCintra100 (10bit, about 100 Mbit/Sec) or XDCAM HD 422 50 (about 50 Mbit/Sec, 8 bit, long GOP but decodes very fast). Presets for both are in AME. You will lose some quality but performance will be much better - especially if you are not working with QuickTime wrapper that is still 32bit.

          Of course these are only basic guidelines, otherwise it would be very long post