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    Why do I have to reinstall InDesign CS5.5 at every start-up?


      I've had InDesign CS5.5 only a few days and have had to reinstall it everyday. It installed fine from the disk the first time. I used it for a couple hours, ran perfectly. I turned off my laptop that night and the next morning when I went to use InDesign again I received the following error message and was unable to access the software:


      Adobe InDesign is missing required files. Please reinstall.
      Missing files: \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Type Support\...\CP1252.TXT


      Each time I have reinstalled and once again the program works fine. Until I turn off my laptop. I thought an old trial of InDesign might be part of the issue but I've uninstalled all that and still have the same problem.


      Running Windows 7 Professional on a Dell Vostro laptop. Intel i5. 4GB RAM


      Thanks in advance for any help.