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    Migrating to new PC



      I am in the process of migrating my PrPro5.5 to a new machine.  I have been using an HP xw8200 with 2x dual core xeons and 4GB of ram running 5.51 and using an nVidia 550 Ti graphics card.  I now have a slightly newer HP xw8600 with 16GB of ram and dual quad core xeons.  I was trying to simply move all the drives (C with OS-Win7 Pro, Adobe apps,etc. and two media drives in raid 0), graphics card, Decklink card and blu ray burner to the newer PC and turn it on.  How naive.  I am booting the 8600 and only getting to the first screen on its bios, which looks nothing like the 8200s bios.  It is a fairly recent bios, the 1.35 (the 1.36 is the latest).  And I am stymied.  I have my drivers for the graphics card, decklink and my raid accelerator on a USB flash drive.  The 8200 bios had a screen under F10 asking if you want to install and thrid party raid-but nothing like that on the 8600.  Should I put everything back into the 8200 and uninstall Win 7 and the device drivers specific to the 8200 and then try to move it over and reinstall Win 7 Pro (which I should add is a Win 7 Home with a Pro upgrade-all legal-but only on one PC).  I'd like to use my existing drives if I can.  Also do I need to uninstall Adobe PrPro 5.5 first on the 8200 and then reinstall on the 8600.  There is a project I would like to migrate over.  How does Adobe handle uninstalls and deactivation?  I also have the CS4 production suite installed, and then upgraded PrPro to 5.5 for the 64 bit and GPU acceleration.  What I would not want to have is Win 7 and PrPro 5.5 not able to run because of some activation issue on the new machine.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.  Thanks  Jack

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          You can install PR on two machines without problems. That is explicit in the EULA.


          I would just do a fresh install of everything, not 'migrating' to a new machine. Migrating may mean disintegrating.

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            Jack-2959 Level 1


            thank you for writing.  I was aware that I could install on two machines per the EULA.  How about Win 7 however?  My install there is a little clugy with Home Premium, and then me finding out it wasn't able to access more than two cores, with an upgrade to 7 Pro x 64 on top.  My older box was OK on XP and I have that on a seperate drive which I can leave there.  Also do I need to be online during all of this so MS and Adobe see the install and activate accordingly?  Thanks Jack

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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              The new machine will formally require a new license from Microsoft. Maybe you can contact Microsoft to see if the changes in your system (mobo, CPU, memory) which would require new activation, can be bypassed without a new license. For activating the Windows license, you don't need to be on Internet. You can activate by phone, but for PR I think you need to be on-line. If you need a new license for Windows, I suggest you get the OEM Pro version. That precludes support from Microsoft, but hey, that is what we are for... and Teamviewer of course.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Jack-2959 wrote:


                My install there is a little clugy with Home Premium, and then me finding out it wasn't able to access more than two cores, with an upgrade to 7 Pro x 64 on top

                I'm sure Microsoft would not agree, but MY experience is that a new OS installed over the top of an older version just is not going to work correctly


                Wipe your hard drive and install only Win7 64bit Pro


                If you need help with Windows, search http://search.microsoft.com/search.aspx?mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US

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                  pejaka Level 1

                  Just like the experts have said: fresh install.

                  HP has very good support pages where you can download all the drivers etc. ( It is good to have another working computer for that:))


                  Before you wipe the old system disk remember to deactivate Adobe programs: Help > Deactivate.



                  Here you can find support note for your Decklink card and XW8600


                  http://www.blackmagic-design.com/support/detail/supportnotes/supportnote/?sid=3945&pid=398 5&os=win&isSDK=0&snid=9682