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    Mouse wheel in Production Premium CS5.5


      I know this may seem like a dumb question but I have a clean installed Windows 7 Pro system with Production Premium CS5.5. One thing I just can't figure out is how to get my mouse scroll wheel to do anything in any of the applications.


      I had assumed the mouse scroll wheel would scroll windows/elements vertically or horizontally, but it does nothing. Even with the basic adobe help window is open it does nothing. My mouse scroll wheel works perfectly in other non CS5.5 applications, so why does it not work/do anything in the CS5.5 applications?


      I have already done a few webs searches on this and found nothing so any input would be great.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Make the timeline panel active (yellow box around it), zoom in a bit so the timeline is longer than the window. Then try the scroll wheel. It should move the timeline. Similarly, with the mouse pointer in the panel next to one on the sequence names, using the scroll wheel will move thru the sequences.


          Report back if that does not work.

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            Just_Karma Level 1

            Hi Harm,


            Thanks for your reply.


            Ok I've tried out your suggestions and the scrollwheel still has no effect. This a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 and appears as Microsoft Hardware USB Mouse in the device manager, driver provider Microsoft.


            I just also tried out another wireless mouse a Logitech M215 which appears as USB Input Device in the device manager and scroll wheel works perfectly well in Premier Pro. I was able to scroll the sequence left and right and scroll any panels that had vertical scroll bars.


            It's very odd that such a well known mouse don't work, I'll try and see if there is a driver update for the mouse, but last time I looked there wasn't one. I really would like to have the Microsoft Mouse on my CS5.5 system if I can. Any other ideas would be more than welcome?


            Many thanks.

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              Just_Karma Level 1

              I tried updating the basic driver but I am already running the latest version.


              I downloaded and installed the Microsoft Intellipoint software which uses a different driver and offers more configuration on the mouse options and guess what it now works.


              Problem now resolved.


              Thanks for your help.