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    preview freezes with Quadro FX 3800 (Pr CS5.03)

    Alex - DV411 Level 2

      Just wanted to check quickly if anyone else seen this.  I consistently (i.e. always) get a display driver error on a specific system under all of the following circumstances:

      • GPU Aceleration enabled
      • Quadro FX 3800 installed
      • The timeline includes a title


      The moment the timeline cursor wanders into the title, the preview window in Pr freezes.  The audio continues playing.  In order to get the preview back, I need to restart Premiere.  Sometimes the freeze is followed by an NVidia error message, display driver encountered an error and has recovered.  Doesn't matter if you scrub or play - the same error.


      The error does not happen with a different graphics card (Quadro CX == FX 4800).

      The error does not happen when the MPE is set to software rather than GPU-accelerated.

      The error happens regardless of the display driver (tried three), sequence settings, user environment, Premiere Pro settings (cleared them once).


      I haven't yet tried to re-install Pr (it's just too much work) or the OS (even more work).  Just wanted to check if anyone else seen this.


      The system is an HP Z800 (FM012UT, one Xeon X5667 3.06GHz, 12GB RAM, 320GB 1st HDD, PNY Quadro FX 3800 1GB graphics, 6TB Media Array RAID0 3x 2TB), Matrox MXO2 LE (currently disconnected).  It's been kept pristine by the client (minimum if any changes since delivered in July 2010).


      The problem could be:

      • Software configuration of this specific system (but not the graphics card): e.g. some corrupted file in the OS or CS5 that causes the error.  Re-installing the OS and/or CS5 would fix it.  The question is though, why only FX 3800 and not CX?
      • A hardware error on this specific Quadro FX 3800.  Replacing it with another FX 3800 would fix it;
      • Some sort of a generic incompatibility of Pr CS5 with Quadro FX 3800.


      My next step is to pop that FX 3800 into a known good system, install CS5 on it and see if the problem recurs.  I dread it.


      Thanks for any ideas.