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    Scrolling into VGroup



      i have a VGroup with a scroller into a view, like this:


      <s:VGroup paddingLeft="120" paddingTop="10" id="gext">

           <s:Scroller width="570" height="680" verticalScrollPolicy="auto" horizontalScrollPolicy="auto"> 

                <s:VGroup id="myGroup">

                      <!--    Controls created at runtime  -->






      I then insert many controls at runtime and it's easy to have both scrollbar active.

      In this case if i move in the middle of the group (controls are all rendered into "myGroup") i see the content moving left to right and up to down at the same time (diagonally, in practice).

      Is there a way to anchor the content to the left so my scrolling just goes up to down or left to right, but not together?