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    Cannot print text from drop-down hotspot

    John D 67995437 Level 1
      I am trying to include dropdown hotspot text in my printed docs. Other topics in this forum seem to indicate that such text cannot be retrieved in a Word doc in Printed Documentation but that it can be in a pdf. However, when I try to generate my printed doc layout as a pdf, Robo creates the Word doc and then crashes, simply disappearing without error message and leaving the Word doc still "being used by Word". I have to restart the computer to make the Word version accessible.

      I have tried to open the Word version with Acrobat, but cannot do that either. I have Adobe Acrobat 3d that was installed with the same Technical Communication Suite version that upgraded 5X to 7.0.

      I tried opening Acrobat and opening the Word file from it, but Accrobat also crashes gracelessly when trying to open this Word file.

      Would appreciate any help in getting these Adobe products to work.