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    Creating a template for multiple forms


           Is it possible to create a template to use in multiple forms




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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee

          Hi Roger,


          FormsCentral does not currently support user-defined form templates. However, there are a couple of options available that you might find useful.


          To define/use a template for an entire form:


          1. Create a form that will act as your template.

          2. To create a new form based on that template simply click the "Duplicate" button in the My Forms dashboard.




          The new form will contain the same set of form items as the template form.


          To define/use a template for one or more form items that are common to many of your forms:


          1. Create a form containing the template form items.

          2. To use the fields in different forms you can:


               i. Open the template form.

               ii. Select the form item(s) and type Ctrl+C.

               iii. Create or open the target form.

               iv. Type Ctrl+V to paste form items into the target form.