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    Indesign ePub cover image not showing


      I'm creating ePubs using Indesign CS5.5, and when I go to export them, it gives me the option to put a cover image on it. But when I export and view it, no cover image shows. I've tried it on three different readers, Adobe Digital Editions, a Bookeen Cybook Orizon, and an iPad (via the program Bluefire Reader), and when you look at it on the library page, it just shows the opening text page with no cover


      A crude workaround I've found is that you can simply drop a PNG image on the first page, but this is not ideal, since various readers don't all have the same dimensions, and the image crops in half when you turn the devices on their side.


      I've tried everything, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help please?


      Andee x