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    Structuring Multiple Applications

      This will be quick.

      I have a website I am working with (DOMAIN A for this example) - On this website, there may be two applications that are related to eachother (PUBLIC APP and ADMIN APP).

      It would seem most effective to use one Flex Project for both applications for code reuse purposes and general organization.

      Should I just create a single Flex project (with the default application as say, [ADMINAPP].mxml) and then create a second MXML Application (from the File menu) called [PUBLICAPP].mxml?

      Does that sound right? Or is general practice one project per application??

      Thanks for any help you can offer.
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          inlineblue Level 1
          I think that using one project or more is just a matter of style. Code reuse is not a big deal as any class can be imported as long as it's somewhere in the build path. If these two apps are more or less two sides of the same thing, then conceptually it makes sense to lump them into one project, but I think practically it makes little difference (to me, anyway).