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    CD/DVD Device Not 'Running'


      Hello,  I have been using Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 (I know I should upgrade ) which is running fine on my new computer with Windows 7.  But, unfortunately, when I try to burn a slide show that I created in that program to a DVD I get an error message:  'The CD device driver appears to be installed but is not running.  Please reinstall Adobe and try again.'  I have done that to no avail.   My CD/DVD device is working fine but just not for burning slide shows any more.   I would appreciate help to resolve this problem or if there is  work around solution so that I can burn these slide shows.  Thank you in advance.

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          Not sure which forum this should be posted to, as I am not sure that Photoshop Album is still being supported, but this one is for the full Photoshop, and now features both Mac and PC platforms. Seems that someone else did post a link to a forum, that might be appropriate for Photoshop Album, but I could not find that link, and a cursory look at the forum choices, did not point me to one.


          Still, thinking of other Adobe programs, and multi-drive issues (thinking about Premiere Elements and Encore here), I would first check for a firmware update from the mfgr. for your multi-drive. Make very sure that you read, and completely understand all instructions, should there be a firmware update. Matter of fact, print those instructions out, and follow them to the letter. Any mistake could turn your multi-drive into a paperweight.


          Next, look over this ARTICLE, and the links inside, for Adobe programs not "finding" the multi-drive. A lot of software can get in the way.


          Good luck,