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    Help needed! Flash Player 11.1 does not work on my computer


      Hello everyone


      I recently had to do a factory reset on my pc.

      After doing it, flash player is giving me a hell of troubles.


      First of all, I use Windws 7 Home premium 64bit Asus G73JH laptop with newest ATI Mobility graphics driver.

      Also, I am using IE8 and did manage-add and enabled all adobe products.


      When I go to youtube and try to play a video, it will say please upgrade your flash player to newest version.

      http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc446/SlashTMX/Fail.png (this is S/S of my problem)


      So, I did install newest version from Adobe official website, and it seems fine untill I reboot my computer.


      When I reboot my computer, everything overlaps and happens again and it says please upgrade my darn flash player.

      I checked my folder files and amazingly and annoyingly, all files are there and it just wont work.


      What should I do to fix this??


      Thanks in advance!