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    links to PDF files with relative paths


      I'm currently working on a CD Catalog that involves several PDF files, all of which have Bookmarks and Links in them. There is a main PDF Index, and in it are several buttons that, when clicked, should open up a Sub Index. There are 9 Sub Indexes. Those Sub Indexes also have several buttons that open up into various separate PDF files, which have mostly internal bookmarks though there are 2 bookmarks that are links back to the main Index, and Sub Index. 



      The issue is that this CD Catalog will be distributed to other clients, and having an absolutel path wont work as each computer will obviously be different. A relative path would be best for me because the end user is meant to download all the PDF files into their own computer, and obviously it has to be able to work efficiently.  These PDF files will be downloaded onto an End User's computer. I'm only vaguely familiar with PDF's, but I've been hearing that they are all relative by default. The links/bookmarks all have the path written out, and I'm not sure how to tell if it will be relative or not, so if anyone has any information on this, or knows how I could make them relative, please share your info.


      Thanks in advance, any help or advice is greatly appreciated.