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    Squiggly in Flex in PDF

    Kevin Mortimer Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've created a flex app with a text area that uses Squiggly and it works when testing in a browser.


      Once I load the flex app into a PDF then the Squiggly spell checker does not function and does not throw any errors.


      I've tried adding the dictionary files and the AdobeSpellingUIEx.swc into the PDF FlashField as Additional Assets but this has no effect.


      Any help would be great.


      Kind Regards



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          Kevin Mortimer Level 1

          The issue appears to be the referencing of the en_GB.aff and en_GB.dic files from the Flash Field Additional Assets from within the Flex swf. I think...


          And the HunspellDictionary.load method requires a URL... i've tried using relative and absolute but nothing happens.


          Any help or a sample of this would be brilliant.