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    How to Define a Dynamic Barcode on a PDF Page?

    apervez Level 1

      I have a situation where we have a PDF form with multiple rows, (rows can be added as per the user's requirement), means user can click AddRow button and pdf will generate a new row to fill the data. There is no max limit of the rows, it vary and can be anywhere from row 1..10, 1..100, or 1..50 and so on.....

      The first pice of the form is to create table/row with Add Row button has been completed. I have already added the AddRow button functionality into the form, but we also need to point the row's data to the barcode. Each data row should point to a single barcode 1 to 1 bases (One row one barcode). How to implement and design the barcode so that each row will be handled dynamically with one barcode? Or, if there is any better approach to handle this.


      I would really appreciate if you could send any document, example or sample.