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    Palette window not showing up initially (Sometimes)


      I have some strange issue,

      i have a pallete window, it works normally as it should. but some times, while opening it, window is not appearing until we click on the application or switch any windows,

      initially i thought it is a memory issue and unable to paint.


      but once in that state that window is unable to close using the close button. (it has the controls enabled, and its is not closing anymore.)


      For the workaround, i'm opening the same window again and closing the window.(i'm having a custom menu(besides window menu) to open this window)


      Do you guys have any clue why it is hapening. (PLEASE HELP!!!)


      i have tried, below statements, before show method in the script.


      active = true.

      enable = true

      and then showing the palette.



      Environment: macos x 10.6, indesign cs5.5

      i'm observing this from cs5.5 migration, it is working perfect in cs4