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      1. I spent $300 on Visual Communicator 2.0.

      2. This program refuses to open; startup results in an error stating that my display needs to be set to 16-bit or 32-bit even when my display *is* set to either 16-bit or 32-bit!


      I can't use this program as a result.


      I've tried virtual machines and failed. I've tried installing it on VirtualBox on Windows XP. No dice. Error. I've tried installing it on Parallels Workstation on Windows 2000. No dice. Same error.


      I am able to update the software using the downloadable patch available from Adobe. I am able to activate the software using the activation tool provided by Adobe.


      Yet... this software is effectively useless because it refuses to open.


      I believe Adobe -- after purchasing Serious Magic -- had an obligation to provide a patch that would allow purchasers of this product to continue to use it on the Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating system for which it was designed.


      Since Adobe has not provided this patch, I have decided to purchase no more Adobe products in the future and I have informed my supervisor that I would prefer that he *not* purchase the Adobe Production Premium suites -- something he was willing to do, but won't be doing.


      I am extremely unhappy with Adobe.


      I have effectively wasted $300 on this product plus the $50 I spent on Parallels Workstation in an attempt to run this program on operating systems that were supposedly supported.


      Adobe: Please fix this now. That would be all it would take to bring me back.


      Otherwise, you've lost this customer forever.