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    Exact Printing of a PDF File (no scaling)


      We create forms as PDF's that we publish on our WEB site.  We also have vendors that produce the same documents with 2D barcodes as PDF's.  We scan/image the returned doucuments and run OCR, ICR and 2D interpretation of data.  When the public prints the documents in Adobe Reader with scaling set to none (or actual size in Reader X), everything is fine.  The issue is when the the users leave the size option set to something other than none or actual.  We have margins over 1/2 inch on all sides and the pages will always scale.  This moves the exact positioning of the fixed print documents and shrinks the 2D barcodes to where they are unreadable.  We have the page scaling set to none in the document itself but of course the user can always override.


      I have been told that if you change the size of the page to something less than 8 1/2 by 11, you can prevent the scaling.  I have played with this and found that what works best for a laser printer is different than what works with an inkjet.  Does anyone know a size that will prevent scaling on the most printers?


      Is there any other way to prevent a PDF document from scaling?  I have even created a PDF with one word in the middle of am 8 1/2 by 11 page and it will still scale.