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    How to Best Optimize Flash site for performance (not SEO)

    nikolaig Level 1

      I am a newbie to Flash design. I have build this site for my client www.888acolyte.com

      I watched a bunch of YouTube Videos on how to stracture a site and then pulled together a lot of features from different learning resources.

      I loved Flash for its animation capabilities and used a lot of time line tweening in my site layout. My background has a moving blurry colorful spots animation, my pages come out and assemble themselves as animations, transitions and rollover done as animations.

      All of it done via Flash's time line tweening.

      As the end result site is stattering in performance rather significantly. I am not sure if it is because of the animations I have employed or because of something else?

      I used JPG instead of PNGs as they take a lesser size. I used an 80 quality in them out of Photoshop.

      Every JPG is scaled to 75% of its actual size as I expect the site to be bigger on some bigger screens. I set it up to "Allow Full screen"


      Flash Tab Settings:

      In the export options :

      JPG Quality = 80

      No Sound


      SWF Settings:

      Checked "Compress Movie"

      Checked "Include Hidden Layers"

      Checked "Include XMP Metada"

      UnChecked "Export SWC"


      HTML Tab Settings:

      Dimensions: 100%

      Quality: High


      I looked up some resources for "how to optimise a flash site"  and seems that the best one around would be from 2009: http://www.netmagazine.com/tutorials/optimise-flash-movies


      There is also this "magic button" "Save and Compact", which did not seem to have much effect on the final size of an .swf file.


      I hope to receive a feedback on how to properly stracture and optimize a Flash site for the best performance.


      If to go into details is too complicated perhaps someone can point me to a good learning resource on the topic?