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    image popup

    rr336 Level 1
      Hi ,
      I want to create a popup which pops up an image. I have seen insert image but i want to know how to do an image popup . If i select a word and choose popup from the main menu it shows me the topics which i want to add so should i keep the images in a topic. I want only the image to be shown in the popup if i customise the popup linking to a topic the extra space in the page is also included. I know i am beating around the bush. Let me know how to execute this i am using robohelp x4 and webhelp for my project.
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          HKabaker Level 2
          I prefer putting the image into its own topic, with or without a caption.

          Some recommend inserting an image into a text-only popup.

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            rr336 Level 1
            Hi Harvey,
            How do i put the image in a text only popup it allows me only to type :( and how do i put an image in the same topic and make it as a popup when the word is clicked can u be more specific.
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              HKabaker Level 2

              Create a new, separate topic just for the image itself. Leave that topic out the TOC and Index (or use it, if you want to point to the image by itself).

              I think Rick and Peter have some tips on their sites about working with images.