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    Adobe Reader updated to 10.1.2 and no longer prints on new Kodak ESP Office 2150


      Now, I'm not sure if I printed a pdf on my new printer before Adobe did the update from 9 to 10, but ever since it hasn't printed a document for me.  Actually I should rephrase that, it printed one and that was with the help of Kodak.  I thought the problem was with my printer, but when I contacted them yesterday they said that there wasn't anything wrong with my printer- it was Adobe Reader.  They suggested uninstalling and reinstalling which I've done.  I still can't print a document.


      This is what happens- document opens up fine.  If I'm allowed, I'm able to add information.  When I go to print it acts like everything is fine.  Adobe goes from 0 to 100% and my printer is spooling.  Then it prints off one BLANK page fast and acts like it's actually printing on another, but nothing comes out.  Is this an Adobe problem or printer problem?  I'm able to print a test sheet and anything from Microsoft Word.  I can scan too, so I don't know where the problem is or how to fix it!  Thanks!