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    Greyscale printing in 10.1.2


      Ever since Adobe Reader removed the "black ink only" option I am having trouble printing using greyscale.  Even though I toggle greyscale, my documents will sometimes have pink ink in them.  I am seriously thinking about going back to an earlier version of the product. 

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          darren_st Level 1

          I suspect this is not an Adobe Reader but a problem with your printer.


          Some printers print grayscale by mixing the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow ink to produce the correct level of grey - but when the mix is not quite right one of the colours may stand out. It sounds like the Magenta is standing out in your document.


          The use black ink only option would have used only the Black cartridge.


          You might be able to override the settings not present in Adobe by going into the Printer advanced settings.


          Usually you can select Grayscale, Colour, Black, etc in the printer settings - so it might be worth trying it there.


          What model of printer are you using?


          You may also be able to run a calibration page on your printer which should realign and reset all of the colours.

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            pmnymas Level 1

            Darren, what you are saying makes a lot of sense to me.  I stopped using the "grey scale" option a long time ago because whenever I got low on yellow or blue I would notice that what was supposed to be printing in grey was showing in pink.  This is why the "black ink only"  option was so valuable to me.  I am not understanding why Adobe got rid of it.  It worked fine for me.  Now, I did try going into the printer settings as you suggested and changed it there to "black ink" but that didn't work since the page I am printing is an Adobe based page and it just defaults to "grey scale" even if the printer setting says otherwise.  The printer I am using is an HP 6500 Wireless OfficeJet.

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              Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

              Please see if the instructions provided in the following post, help:


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                pmnymas Level 1

                No, tried that already.  Adobe needs to reinstate the "black ink only" option. If you use greyscale, as darren mentioned, some printers use other color ink mixtures for grey.  Bring back the black ink option - PLEASE!

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                  I have the same problem, but with a cannon MP620.

                  Althoug the printer is set on print onley gray



                  Please let me print in Black wiht adobe 10.1.2.  A