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    Import formatted text from a pdf and edit it

    fra John

      I need to go "backwards" in the way the normal process would be. I have a pdf document (a book) and I need to recreate it in InDesign CS5 (7.0.4) so that I can modify the text. There is no longer available the document left which produced the pdf to begin with. I should tell you that I am working with Acrobat 8.1.5 in Win 7 machine.  This is what I thought would be the answer for me: I first exported the pdf from Acrobat 8 as a html  (Export--> HTML--> HTML 4.01 with CSS 1.0) file. The html file looked to have all the formatting in it. I then opened the html doc in MS Word and saved it as a rtl file. Then I could place the text from the rtl file into my new InDesign document. The bad news is that in all the many footnotes the italic texts are lost. Of course the footnotes are not linked (reference num. with the actual footnote), but I did not expect this to happen. Does anyone have another technique, version, software, or script to try? It is important to get the italics to be converted into the exported file and that I can do corrections on the text in InDesign.