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    aerender for Win errors/hangs when a ProRes output module is in the queue

    Imaginary Rob

      Found a delightful problem w/ aerender CS5 on Windows:


      If a windows-incompatible output module (e.g., ProRes Quicktime) exists in a project's render queue (not selected for render, say it's an old completed render that was done already on a Mac), any attempt to render that project (say, a different comp in the render queue using a normal TIFF sequence output module) exhibits weird behavior:


      1) A warning is displayed at the start of the render:  "One of the output modules could not be imported. It has been reset to use the default settings for the selected file format."

      2) Frames render normally, but the aerender application hangs / does not exit at the end of the render. 


      So while I get the output, the aerender process hangs.  This creates a problem for distributed rendering / renderfarm workflows that require the render app to finish & close normally.


      Has anyone else seen this?  Any thoughts on why this should be the case?  Removing the windows-unfriendly item from the queue entirely fixes things, but sadly leaves us without a useful render history in the queue.