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    Trying to make a looped animation outside of comp space: expression or keyframe?

    designer_xyz Level 1

      Not quite sure on how to title it but thats the jist if it:)


      Hello and thank you for your time,


      Basically, I want to take a tiny small shape object within a comp size of 2048 x 1024, and have it animated so that this small shape object starts at the very top edge of the comp (where comp meets the grey dark-matter space), and move it straight down to the bottom edge of the comp, and then have to repeat again starting at the top again, so that this small shape object is constantly starting at the top, and moving down to the bottom.


      From there I can adjust speed and even angle of travel so that I can rotate the trajectory and have it move at an angle for example.


      Is there a expression that can repeat this tragectory over and over again without me always keyframing it??