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    [JS][CS5] InDesign Server

    Roy Marshall Level 1


      I am curious to find out the speed advantage of using an InDesign Server to process one of my scripts as opposed to running locally on my Mac.  I know there are licence restrictions to using a desktop version of ID for server purposes anyway. I also know the cost of setting one up is not trivial.

      Does Adobe offer any sort of testing platform for users to upload scripts and configure for testing purposes? I know there is a hell of a lot more work to configure this, but was wondering if this facility existed.

      Just thought I'd ask.



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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Adobe offers trials of InDesign Server, though I think you have to email them to get it started, it's not just a public web download.


          I wasn't aware there were performance optimizations in InDesign Server. I would imagine it'd be approximately the same speed as InDesign Desktop if you don't show the window where the work happens.

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            Harbs. Level 6

            Yes. There are performance advantages to Server -- mostly because none of the UI related processing is necessary...


            Don't expect the differences to be too drastic though. I have found that the 64 bit Windows build to be noticeably faster than my local machine...




            (P.S. If you do decide to go for a Server license, I might be able to get a discount for you...)

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              Roy Marshall Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. I will look into getting a demo version as soon as I can.

              Thanks also for the offer Harbs, I'll let you know!