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    Printing a distributed form from an email. don't want the responce log



      I am very new to from development in LiveCycel and self taught. I have develped a form for our facutly to send test rouing informaiton to one email box on campus. This saves them from the need to send the form to multipal people, and confusion.


      I have developed the form, and everything is working. I distributed the form to a few just to run a test. The sumbit button is working fine, it sends the form to the deginated mail box. Here is where whe have a problem. When the tech tried to open the form in the email box, a message pops up to save to a respoce file. This is fine, I could figure out how to save the form and then open it from there but would like to disable this feature. We just want to open the from in the email box and print it from there we do not need the extra respronce files.


      I suspect there are settings within the Submit button that is causing this but I can not find in the developer how to get to the options of the submit button, it does not show up in my design view and I can't find it. The button show up on the form and works fine but cannot find it in design view.


      Any help to get me on the right path will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,