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    Error 148.3?

    MECS Level 1

      My Director 11.5.9 suddenly will not launch.  It brings up an error dialog box that says:


      "This product has encountered a problem which requires that you restart

      your computer before it can be launched.


      If you continue to see this message after restarting your computer, please

      contact either your IT administrator or Adove technical support for help, and

      mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen.


      Error: 148:30


      Has anyone seen this before?



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          wim hasselo

          Yes I have the same tekst at DW 4.0 and it is not possible to start the program again????
          Has someone a gues what is happening here?

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            Milky_au Level 3

            error 148:30 = Licensing for this product has stopped

            This happened to me a little while back - it was easy to fix.

            Go over to Adobe's Licensing website and download the License Recovery tool.

            Run it and follow the prompts.

            I hope this fixes your problem.

            (only for D11 & D12)  wim hasselo - it's not for DW 4!!!

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              wim hasselo Level 1


              It fixes DW4.0, it works again!

              (I still use DW4.0 due to the only there available Navigation Bar, which I use in an still existing website.)

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                Milky_au Level 3

                Well that’s amazing - I knew it fixed a few versions of director, but I didn’t think it would reset D4.


                I got that error after installing a CS3 version of Illustrator on my computer


                The install seemed to knock out Director, but after running the ‘License Recovery’ it all works again.


                I’ve never even seen D4 - I started with D5 many years ago.


                Although I did once have a play around with a vintage model Mac, and to my surprise they had a copy of macromind videoworks - lol

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                  I have you thank you a million times over, I was so frustrated, but your licensing fix tool worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your help.