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    Application Conflict...doing my Head in! Please Help




      Im glad their is a forum on adobe air cause this is my last hope to get this sorted out.


      I have a cd rom where i have to install the software on my pc, but it needs adobe air to work so i have installed the two fine, no error messages or anything but when i click on the program to launch it, all i get is the adobe air lisence agreement! nothing loads or anything. i have uninstalled countless times and reinstalled and still my software will not work. i even tried installing a older version of adobe and still nothing. i only have adobe flash and air installed at the moment. iam running vista 32 bit and i cant understand why my software will not work. ive tried to get a solution so hopefully someone can tell me what i need to do.


      let me stress that i can click on the program to launch it 20 times after each other and all i get is the lisence agreement pop up from AIR, nothing happends after that.


      thank you.