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    ActiveX in Robohelp X5


      I received some online help (created with Robohelp X5) that our company will be modifying/customizing (using Robohelp X5). However, while looking at the help, I noticed that it uses ActiveX to script the search feature, (ActiveX being disabled by default in newer versions of Internet Explorer -- for good reason!). Since a lot of the people using these help files aren't the most computer literate people out there, I don't want to have to rely on them clicking the toolbar and allowing ActiveX content each time they want to search.

      In addition to this, I noticed that some of our help files that were created with an older version of Robohelp (Robohelp Office 2002) were using JavaScript. Does Robohelp X5 automatically generate ActiveX instead of using something like JScript or JavaScript, and if so, is it possible to change it so that Robohelp X5 uses JavaScript for the search feature instead of ActiveX?

      Thanks for any help!