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    how do i embed the form into the body of a email


      i want the form to be embedded into the body of the email so that recepients do not need to click on link to open it

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Our forms only work within web browsers, not email. I'm not even sure if it is technically possible because of the security restrictions imposed by modern email clients.


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            This is a real headache. I finally found an email provided that allows html to be embedded into the emails (Mozilla Thunderbird), but the Adobe form does not display in Thunderbird or in any of the recipients emails after embedding using the insert html option and pasting the Adobe form code in., although a Google form embedded into Thunderbird using html code placed right in the email does show up in Gmail and other recipient's email. Unfortunately the Google form does not work the way it should because when it's sent embedded within Thunderbird it displays nicely and can be filled out direcly in the body of the email, but when the recipient hits submit they are redirected to Google Docs and forced to fill out the form again. Do not despair though. Google forms do work embedded into an email and can be filled out and submitted without being redirected and no html is needed. To do this just sign into Google Drive/Docs (or create an account if you don't have one). Click the create button on the left hand side and choose forms from the drop down menu. Create a form editing the questions how you like. Once you are done hit the distribute button at the top and choose embed into email. You can pick a theme as well, but I couldn't figure out how to personalize or customize these forms any further (i.e. personalized greetings and custom logos). It does what you want though and works on Android phones. The form is in the email body and can be filled and submitted without being redirected or having to download anything. Adobe forms look cleaner and nicer, but Google has one up on them with this feature.