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    Premiere Not Applying "Brightness and Contrast" on Export


      Hey all, I'm new to the forums. I'm having a problem with exporting from Premiere Pro.


      It seems like Premiere totally ignores the "Brightness and Contrast" video effect. I have a video with increased contrast and increased brightness. It looks good in the viewport, but the exported video still looks flat and washed out, as if it didn't apply the effect. If anything, it seems even more more washed out and less saturated than the source cilp.


      To help find the source of the problem, I also tried adding a blur effect (to see if it was ignoring all video effects), but the blur rendered out fine- brightness and contrast didn't.


      If it helps, I have Premiere Pro CS5.5 running on a Mac. I'm exporting  in H.264. I also made sure to render the footage in Premiere before I exported. Anyone know what's going on?