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    Webmail in a view

    cfgunny ;>)

      First, I'm a Flex rookie. I'm building an IPad app in Flash Builder 4.6, using "TabbedViewNavigatorApplication". I have defined several views using "

      <s:navigators>          <s:ViewNavigator>. One of the views contains a "StageWebView". I use the StageWebView's loadURL() function to load the initial URL to a webmail site. The user logs into the site and does his email stuff, as usual. So far, so good.


      My problem is that when the user displays another view, the browser session is ended and when the user returns to the webmail, they have to start over with the login. I need to somehow capture the session information, but it's not available from  the StageWebView. Is there some way I can capture the session information, like I might retrive from document.cookie if I were using JavaScript, then feed it back to the browser? Using StageWebView, I only have access to the URL.