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    Problem creating PDF with PageMaker 7

    dixiedee13 Level 1

      I create a hard-copy 12-page (both sides on 17x 11 paper). I then need to turn it into a PDF in order to send via email. During the export to PDF, it tells me that it cannot send postscript to distiller and the export process dies right there. No PDF. How do I correct this? I have Pagemaker 7. What should I be looking for? Do I have too many photos or graphics in the publication? I have created a PDF in the past. But it seems that if the publication is too big or has too many fotos, it just chokes. Whaddayathink?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I think you should look into InDesign since PM has been a dead end for about 10 years or so.





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            kellir-nd Level 1

            I feel your pain if you are NOT able to switch to ID for whatever reason at the present time, and just need an answer regarding PM


            First, are you doing the File, Export to PDF? If you are, this might be the problem right there. Your PDF's are going to be best created by making a postscript file first. So, File, Print, Acrobat Distiller (or Adobe PDF, whichever your computer has as an option). You then save the Postscript file this way to whatever location you prefer, then go out to the file and open it in Acrobat Distiller to make a PDF (you can usually just doubleclick on the postscript and it will launch the file in Distiller for you).


            If you are still having trouble this way also, which I've ran into occasionally, try restarting your computer. This always does it for me when PM will not make a PDF, not sure why!

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              BigJohnD Level 3

              Here's my tutorial on creating PDFs from PM7. http://bigjohnd.org.uk/PageMakerExportPDF/index.htm


              However, it only applies to Win2K and WinXP - all bets off with Win7.

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                Why would someone look into new software when the old (and perhaps outdated) works well for you needs?  Do you just by a new house because the refrigerator stops working?  If you can't answer the questions, don't make snarky opinionated comments.

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                  Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                  If PM  works well for your needs, by all means do not change it and enjoy it for as long as you can - I did. However, I would think about moving if the roof of my house is coming down, the flor is ruined and the walls are not all that firm -the fridge is not part of the building.

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                    My mom had a several hundred page file in Pagemaker 6.5 and needed a .pdf...


                    In 2016. 


                    I first tried to open the source Pagemaker file using InDesign CS6 (I think CC is no good for opening pagemaker files) It worked, but the bounding boxes were all wrong, and I would have had to manually relink every image which would have taken days. The font tracking was also off.


                    I was able to find an old Pagemaker 7 install, and install it onto a Windows 10 computer.  I ran the app in compatibility mode for XP (google it).


                    After opening the file in Pagemaker, I first tried to export it using the file > export command, but there was some kind of postscript error.


                    Instead I used, the file > print > then selected "Microsoft Print to PDF" as the printer , which worked! I tried the "Adobe PDF" printer, which did not work.


                    The .pdf was good, everything was in the right spot! Hope this helps!