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    To continue connecting to your website, you must repair or remove its administrative settings

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      When trying to connect to my website, I'm getting a prompt saying the files appear to have been recently moved.....yadayada. I realise it's like this since we have changed to a new host since I see our old one there correct? OK-so my question is what happens after I click that button that says to remove the administrative settings for your website and continue connecting?


      I've been told to update our website and I don't have a whole lot of knowledge about it. I do connect to it at work through ftp for uploading pix and access to cpanel but that's about it.


      The person that did the site no longer works with me, but I know that he used Contribute3 (Macromedia) for at least some of the site, so I'm assuming the new Contribute will work.


      I really don't want to screw things up clicking that button and somehow mess up our site.



      Thanks for the help!